I see beauty in simplicity, authentic emotion & warm light

Hello I'm Nikki! I've been a photographer for 6 years and have been photographing newborns and babies from the moment I got my hands on my first camera. Capturing new life, love and connection is a passion that became so clear to me after I became a mother of now 3 beautiful children. Days fly by, years pass and you look at them and wish you could just hit the pause button just for a moment. I would wonder will I forget how small she was when we came home from the hospital? The gummy grin you see everytime your 6 month old sees you walk into a room? The hugs, the snuggles....

Photographs are the one way we can remember. Everytime we look at our printed albums or framed portraits we smile and remember those fleeting moments. Your childrens face light up with joy because they can see how much they were loved.

Your life is a story. It's worth telling. I would love to capture it.

Image Credit : Darling Photography